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Present school curricula are defined by print technology, which makes learning primarily dependent upon the mastery of written language.  Consequently, students’ success is dependent on their ability in reading and writing as determined by pencil and paper tests.  Educational theory has introduced alternatives to this model, shifting the emphasis from one mode of learning to multiple ways of learning.  These theories have led to the development of computer-based programs and hardware that can change the fundamental paradigm of school from a place to learn primarily through books, worksheets, and tests to one more adaptive to different individual learning styles.  The content areas below are based on these computer-technologies and  tools that I have used in case studies in classrooms during my graduate studies as well as in computer clubs and summer programs in public schools.  Other recently developed computer-based learning tools are included in a list of links to resources for computer-enabled learning.

MicroWorlds Pro (Commercial version of Logo)
MSWLOGO (freeware)         
A Little BIT of Magic
Learning about computer-enabled ideas
James Gleick's Chaos: How computers are changing the way we understand things
Mitchel Resnick's Turtles, Termites, and Traffic JamsComputer simulations let you explore surprising behaviors


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