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Robotics Projects in the South Burlington, Vermont,   School District
FLL Team Challenge at FHT Middle School Fall 2000
Destination Mars Spring 2001
"SMART BOT" Battle Challenge: Middle School Robotics Exhibition June 2002
Case Studies: Excerpt from my Final Document


Excerpt from my Final Document, "Using Emergent Design to Implement Computer-Enabled Learning Environments in K-12 Public Schools"( Copyright 2002 by Carol Caldwell-Edmonds, all rights reserved)

Lego robotics kits are the result of uniting the concepts of microworlds, LOGO, popular Lego construction kits, and cybernetics.  Papert recalled a conversation he had had with Piaget and regarded it as the early inspiration for the idea of “cybernetics for children.”  He and Piaget imagined what children might do if they could build little artificial minds, making Piaget’s famed “to understand is to invent” a concrete project.  At the time, neither Papert nor Piaget considered the idea a real possibility (Papert 1993, 169).  Decades later, the development of Lego robotics kits united Piaget’s and Papert’s theoretical ideas, Logo programming, and constructionist principles. 

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