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What is this web site about?

I am creating this WebSite as part of a research project for the Graduate Program at Vermont College of The Union Institute and University, an online degree program that I am designing for myself that will earn a Master of Arts degree*.  It is and will remain a work in progress, made possible by  another innovation of computer technology, the web.   May it never be static print.

Carol Caldwell-Edmonds (April 2000)

*Note: My graduate studies were completed in April, 2002.  Pages created for the MA that are relevant to Tech Learning Link's mission remain on the site and are updated as needed.  

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What is that thing on her hand?


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programming.JPG (16267 bytes) This web site is about learning with and about computers.  More than mastering the latest hot program, it is about programming yourself, understanding the machine, and discovering how to use a powerful invention in truly powerful ways.  It's about learning by doing.
Computers have revolutionized thinking in math and physics, opened possibilities in film and animation, and put it all together to add a new dimension to the idea of what a game is.  This is a site designed to link people and ideas, all kinds of ideas.  All members of a community can be active learners and participants in programs that enable growth in our educational system. mandelsm.jpg (5161 bytes)The Mandelbrot Set,
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Who should bookmark this site?

This web site is for learners of all ages.Believing that computer technology can unify people and also express individuality in any place where everyone feels free to learn in their own way about what interests them, I hope that even if learning about a computer does not interest you at all (for purposes other than using the web, which you obviously do if you're reading this), if you love to learn, you will bookmark this site

msdemo1.jpg (18085 bytes) Students, students, students.  You are the technology revolution.

Teachers who love using computers and teachers who were happier before the blasted things were delivered.

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Parents who want to see their children challenged in areas where they excel, assisted in areas where they need help,  and excited about going to school because it's a place where they can own their learning.

Community members and school administrators who want school to be a safe place valued by the learners it serves.

Education reform minded folks who want concrete examples of what a whole new approach to education can look like.  Change that takes place at all levels of the learning environment, political, legislative, administrative, union, community, classroom, and in the minds of the people who comprise those "institutions" happens when emergent design, a reform concept that offers lessons from real world restructuring of business and services, underlies the approach.



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