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Online Resources


Sources of information about computer-technology-based learning
Computer programming environments designed for students
The Logo Foundation Information, History of Logo, Downloads of free versions of Logo, and links to online forums for expert help with your Logo programs
StarLogo Information, Downloads of free versions of StarLogo, a simulation environment
ROBOLAB software for Lego Robotics and other robotics hardware
Links to sources listed in the Bibliography of my Final Document, "Using Emergent Design to Implement Computer-Enabled Learning Environments in K-12 Public Schools"


Sources for the equipment used in projects featured on this site
MicroWorlds Pro Logo
Lego Robotics
Wooden Blocks for exploring shapes and mathematical concepts

Organizations supporting computer-enabled learning (Providing financial support for Tech Learning Link programs or that promote computer-based educational opportunities)
The South Burlington Community Education Fund (Financial support)
VISMT Vermont Institute for Science, Math, and Technology
CILT The Center for Innovative Learning Technologies



EMAIL Tech Learning Link